Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Expert Forum Wrap

I would just like to thank everybody involved in ACPMH’s Many Paths, One Purpose Expert Forum which was held on 12 August at the State Library of Victoria. The feedback that I received throughout the day, and afterwards, was extremely positive. While the event provided the opportunity for so many of us to formally farewell Mark Creamer from ACPMH (at least as Director – for he will not disappear altogether), the forum also proved to be an extraordinary opportunity for knowledge transfer, updating skills and networking. How often do so many professionals in the field of posttraumatic mental health get together in the same place and get to swap experiences (and business cards)?

There are too many people to thank here but I do wish to mention the contributions from our expert keynote presenters, Professor Beverley Raphael, Professor Alexander McFarlane, Professor Derrick Silove, Professor Richard Bryant, Professor Jonathan Bisson, and, of course, Professor Mark Creamer. Not only were their presentations illuminating and well structured, but the panel discussion in which they kindly participated at the end of the day was thought-provoking and challenging.

While it was gratifying to see a packed house for the presentations, equally satisfying from my perspective was the atmosphere in which the symposia were delivered and received. Many thanks to all the ACPMH staff who participated in these, but particular thanks to our colleagues-in-collaboration, Associate Professor Brett McDermott and Dr Vanessa Cobham.

So to all those who presented, attended, and organised – many thanks.

David Forbes, Interim Director, Australian Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health

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